Complementary IT Support

Complementary IT Support

We know that every IT manager and team have different requirements, so we offer a range of flexible options that scale to meet your needs.

Does your internal IT team need more support?

Whether your team is overstretched, or you require a specialist service or skill-set you don’t currently have in-house, we can offer partially outsourced IT support.

We’ll integrate seamlessly to extend and enhance your internal resources and technical capabilities adding stability and value to your IT operations.

We’ll help improve internal efficiencies and deliver an exceptional service.

Where you may need a little extra help

  • Add additional manpower when you need it
  • Quick access to certified & multi-skilled IT professionals
  • Add quality new technical staff without risk
  • Help to free internal team to focus on core duties
  • Add resources to help ease congestion and bottlenecks
  • Scale up & down quickly to meet changing workloads
  • Key cover for absences, illness & holidays
  • Support at remote sites & satellite offices
  • Additional expertise & manpower for project rollouts
  • Access to senior technical expertise & industry experience
  • Help with complex IT issues & major projects
  • Independent counsel & strategic advice
  • Access to leading-edge support technology & tools
  • Add valuable specialist services not available in-house

Here’s how we can help


1st, 2nd Front Line Support

Our experienced team of highly-qualified professionals will work in partnership with your internal team and serve as the first-line of support for your end-user. Our leading IT service management systems and advanced ticketing capabilities will efficiently assist with day-to-day support needs and service requests.

If any issues can’t be resolved by our frontline team, we can either pass back to you, or handle the issue internally with our 3rd Line Escalation team and on-site field engineer.


3rd Line Escalation Services

You may want to deal with all your front-line support requests internally and tap into our 3rd line expertise as a resource to escalate more challenging support issues.

Our 3rd line team will work in partnership with you to complement your internal team’s skill set with our expertise, utilising your team’s core competencies to help improve service levels.


Out of Hours Cover

Your IT team may need to support your infrastructure and users outside standard business hours. We provide on-site cover when your team isn’t available, helping you avoid the overhead of employing additional staff. We’ll support your end-users at a time that suits them – perfect for shift workers, early starters and staff working late nights.


Overflow Services

Busy IT departments can experience huge swings in the volume of support requests. Our over-spill services will eliminate this problem. We’ll work as an extension of your internal IT team to pick up the excess during periods of high demand, helping to reduce waiting and resolution times.


Emergency Support

Whether it’s a business-critical emergency (such as server failure) that requires urgent remote support or a rapid on-site visit by one of our senior engineers, we’re here to help get you quickly back up and running again.

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