Connectivity & Internet

Connectivity & Internet

We aim to make our connectivity and internet solutions affordable, reliable and scalable, underpinned with breadth of expertise and the highest quality support available.

For businesses of today, getting the right connectivity is critical

Whether it’s internet connectivity you need, or building a wide area network linking multiple sites, it makes sense to work with someone who has complete expertise.

We’re vendor neutral and have close relationships with leading providers, and with our full IT and telephony experience, no one else is better placed to deliver the best-fit solution for your specific business needs.

Our Solutions

Leased Lines

If connectivity is integral to your business, then a Leased Line is likely to be the best option. Leased lines are dedicated, private connections that offer unrivalled security and resilience with super-fast upload/download speeds of up to 10Gbps.

Leased lines can either connect your premises to the internet or provide a private link between buildings, connecting two sites within a 25km radius.
They’re an ideal solution if your company relies on super-fast, uninterrupted connectivity, and can be used for any combination of voice, data, video and internet traffic.



Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) uses a fibre optic cable in place of copper to connect your local street cabinet back to the telephone exchange. This allows increased download speeds when compared to traditional broadband. .

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) builds on FTTC by replacing the copper line from the street cabinet to your building with fibre optic cable. This increases performance and is more suitable for businesses with multiple users or higher bandwidth applications.

Wireless Business Broadband

Wireless business broadband is the perfect solution for businesses struggling with slow connection speeds. It uses fixed, point-to-point airborne communications to send wireless signals.

Wireless Fibre is ideal for businesses in rural areas and offers fast and reliable connection speeds at an affordable price.

Business Broadband

Our business broadband uses a traditional copper analogue phone line to enable internet access. For small businesses that need to balance cost and performance, but don’t have a heavy reliance on high-speed internet, business broadband could be a good option.

However, business broadband is a contended service and speeds may vary. Companies that require the peace of mind that comes with a guaranteed connection speed should consider our FTTP and FTTC products or consider the unrivalled benefits of a Leased Line.


Some of the technologies we cover

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Networks

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks offer simplicity, control and cost savings for multi-site businesses. Each site connects into a central ‘cloud’ that controls access to the internet. This means that sites can transfer data and voice traffic to each other, without having to breakout to the internet, increasing efficiency and security.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Computing over distances requires security and efficient routing of network traffic. Virtual Private Networks offer secure connectivity between remote locations and your office infrastructure delivering safe access to your information, storage and other features.

Software Defined Networks

As well as simplifying your infrastructure management across multiple sites, software defined networks (SD-WAN) are cost-effective and deliver a fast, reliable and secure solution that can be deployed across any existing network.
SD-WAN is replacing traditional technologies like MPLS and VPN, by consolidating all your WAN connections in to a single, software-defined wide area network.

Business Grade WiFi Solutions

Point to Point Our point to point WiFi solutions link your local premises together at fast speeds ranging from 1Gbps to 10Gbps with no need for any physical cabling.

Managed WiFi Our managed WiFI solutions are ideal for businesses looking to enhance their wireless connectivity, with secure options for all your internal and guest internet capabilities.

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