Free Network and Security Assessment

Free Network and Security Assessment!

Follow the below steps to get your free report:

  1. Complete the form below to get started. You can chose to set the assesment up yourself or we can do it for you!
  2. If you chose to set it up yourself, follow the How-To guide provided. If you would prefer us to set it up, we will contact you within 2 business days.
  3. The assessment tool will produce a file, this is the file we will need to produce the report. The file is encrypted and no credentials are stored in it.
  4. Sit back, relax, and in 2 – 5 days we will send you the report via email!
  5. Review the report, we will be on hand to help you with anything you need help with!

All information will be classed as confidential and deleted after 30 days, a record of your company name will be kept as we are only able to complete one assessment per company.

If it sounds like something you are interested in, fill in the form below to get started!

Fill in the form below to get started!


These are example of some of the reports we can produce. If you are interested in any of these reports, contact us and we can arrange for these to be completed!

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