VoIP & Phone Systems

VoIP & Phone Systems

IT&C Labs specialise in supplying, maintaining and installing a range of modern, feature-rich business phone systems.

We provide business-grade, feature rich solutions, such as the award-winning 3CX phone system.

Hosted VoIP solutions offer all the functionality of traditional telephony, with greater flexibility and lower costs.

Whatever your requirements, our phone systems are designed to provide mobility, unified communications and can easily scale as your business grows.

Our Phone Systems

3CX Phone System

3CX is an award-winning Microsoft Windows-based IP phone system. It runs on standard server infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly proprietary hardware. Available as an on-premise or hosted solution, 3CX can be scaled up or down to meet your changing business needs. 3CX offers great value for money by increasing utilisation and cutting unnecessary costs.

A highly flexible system designed for mobility and fully unified communications, 3CX is equipped with enterprise-class features as standard.
Thousands of companies worldwide trust 3CX for their communications needs, including international brands such as Pepsi, Boeing, American Express, Harley-Davidson, Hugo Boss and McDonald’s.

We also provide a complete range of services to help you get the most from your investment in 3CX phone system. We’ll cover all needs from: initial consultancy, fully project-managed installations and training for end-users / administrators, to ongoing support. We can also supply the underlying infrastructure, such as lines, SIP trunks and connectivity solutions.

We are a 3CX Partner, working closely with them helping you to make a smooth transition to 3CX. Plus all members of our technical team are 3CX certified.
Contact us today to find out more about 3CX and arrange a FREE demonstration with our expert team.

Hosted VoIP

Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make calls via your broadband connection. IT&C Labs offer a range of hosted VoIP solutions, tailored to your business needs.

Hosted VoIP gives you all the features and functionality of a traditional phone system and more. The hardware sits in a remote location (a data centre), freeing you from the cost and space requirement of a physical PBX. Additionally, calls between your VoIP handsets are always free, wherever they are in the world.

Optional add-ons

When you choose a business phone system from IT&C Labs, you’ll also have the option of choosing from our accompanying phone services, including:

  • Phone Lines – Digital, Analogue and SIP or a combination to suit your business needs.
  • Call Packages – bespoke packages covering line rental and call charges
  • SIP Trunks – use your data connection to replace or work alongside your traditional business phone lines
  • Numbers – choose from a range of great, easy to remember numbers
  • Call Routing – route calls to any fixed line, mobile or hosted number so you never miss a call
  • On Hold Marketing – manage incoming calls with interactive voice response (IVR), call queuing and music on hold


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